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The Affiliate Program

Join in the growing world of quality lighting commerce by participating in the Affiliate Program and take part in's online success. You can earn a referral fee for online purchases made by customers that come to our site from yours.

How It Works

By joining the Affiliate Program and linking to through text links or banner ads on your site, you can earn a fee that is generated from customers who visit through your link. We provide all of the links and banner for your site. All you have to do is sign up for the Affiliate Program and choose the graphics that work best for your site or ask about bespoke ones. You can place the links and banners in as many places on your site as you want. The better you position the links, the more successful the affiliate program can be for you.

Why Join's Affiliate Program?

Joining is Easy & Free!
In just minutes you will be ready to receive monthly fees. Join now!
Earn fees on all purchases prides itself on quality services
So why wait? It's easy to join, easy to setup, and most importantly, it works. Join the Affiliate Program now and start making money today.

Here Is How You Join

Becoming an affiliate is simple and it's FREE. works with PaidOnResults, to make it easy for you to be an affiliate. By signing up for the Affiliate Program on the PaidOnResults site, you can manage your program, view reports relating to activity on your site, and receive updates on the Affiliates Program through a private messenger on PaidOnResults's network. PaidOnResults does all the tracking and gives you up-to-date reports on the referral fees you've earned. Start earning more from your web site today.

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