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SATURN LED Code: 7653
In stock
£ 797.00
  • ♦ SATURN LED Ceiling Lights

    ♦ How adventurous would you say you are? Are you open to following your curiosities and fascinations? Or do you prefer to play safe and stick to the conventional and known? Most of us are fascinated with something, and for many it is nature and its constant wonders and changes. It heals us with its beauty, terrifies us with the ferocity of its winds, and waves, evokes emotions both realistically and symbolically and it triggers in us an undeniable fascination with what lies out there beyond the fragile skin of the Earth's atmosphere, out where cosmic secrets have been revealed to us for millennia.

    ♦ Saturn LED is our new Italian LED ceiling light fitting by MA&DE. It is available in two sizes and ideally suited for lighting spacious places such as large family rooms, meeting areas such as reception points, offices and commercial premises. Its gentle light, cast by a white polyethylene diffuser, draws attention to itself, like a flame to a moth, or a human to a strange object in the sky. Saturn LED designer ceiling light creates the appearance of a satellite or UFO suspended in space. And just as night follows day, and aliens play with our senses of curiosity and intrigue, you too can experiment with Saturn LED as it is equipped with the system DALI to direct and control light thus allowing you to design the perfect sensations or mood.

    ♦ Brand: MA&DE
  • ♦ SATURN LED Ceiling Lights

    ♦ Materials: white coated aluminium; natural linear polyethylene

    ♦ Light source:
    ♦ Ø1150 - LED 98W 220-240V 3000K 13261lm
    ♦ Ø757 - LED 33W 220-240V 3000K 4016LM

    ♦ Light source included

    ♦ DALI lighting control system

    ♦ IP rating: IP40

    ♦ FREE UK delivery
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