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TRIAD Code: 90208
In stock
£ 147.00
  • ♦ TRIAD Ceiling Lights & Wall Lights

    ♦ Ever think how much language features the number three? Good things come in threes, but it’s also said if two bad things occur there’ll soon be a third. We have three French hens, three coins in a fountain, the three stooges, a three ringed circus, being three sheets to the wind, the little kittens who lost their mittens, and three witches in MacBeth. Three is about magic, intuition, fertility and invokes our joy, creativity and success. It represents Past, Present and Future.

    ♦ Our TRIAD wall and ceiling lights with three rectangular diffusers held together, as if in a triad of different sized parcels are bound with an exclusive white coated or walnut wood ribbons. As an added choice, the diffusers can each be white, or two white with one lilac, bringing a touch of nature to these highly striking and meticulous wall and ceiling lights. Step into the future now and leave the past behind.

    ♦ Brand: Linea Light
  • ♦ TRIAD Ceiling Lights & Wall Lights

    ♦ Materials: white coated metal or walnut wood; glass diffuser: white/white or white/lilac

    ♦ 620x502x112mm - 2x57W Max E27 220-240V - LED bulbs available

    ♦ IP rating: IP20

    ♦ FREE UK delivery

    ♦ Light source (bulbs) not included
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