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OH! FL65 RGB Code: ,15156
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£ 246.00
  • ♦ OH! FL65 RGB Floor Lamps

    ♦ Oh! the beauty of a single sphere, such as a bright harvest moon, or a collection of orbs that mysteriously appear on photographs, the allure of the hovering, setting sun, or the magnificence of mother nature at her all round best.

    ♦ OH! FL65 RGB is our diverse range of LED floor lights here on planet Earth; purity and perfection, high quality spheres to light all outdoor settings, garden, patio, backyard, pathway, home and business. Whether solo, in rows or clusters, or left randomly, arrange our LED lighting spheres any way you wish; they come in various sizes for even greater magnificence and grandeur.

    ♦ Brand: Linea Light
  • ♦ OH! FL65 RGB Floor Lamps

    ♦ Materials: linear polyethylene - translucent white

    ♦ Light source included:
    ♦ Ø280mm - 6W LED 500mA RGB
    ♦ Ø380mm - 6W LED 500mA RGB
    ♦ Ø550mm - 12W LED 500mA RGB
    ♦ Ø750mm - 18W LED 500mA RGB
    ♦ Ø1150mm - 24W LED 500mA RGB

    ♦ RGB system avaialble (code: 99140)
    ♦ IP rating: IP65

    ♦ FREE UK delivery
Italian pendant lighting at its most stunning, both in shape and brilliance. Take a look.