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PEGGY FL Code: ,15200
In stock
£ 598.00
  • ♦ PEGGY FL LED Floor Lamps

    ♦ In many countries the name Peggy means child of light or pearl; it’s also said that the name symbolises a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, to break free from tradition. For many centuries fine quality natural pearls have been highly valued objects of beauty and today are a metaphor for something exquisite, fine, alluring and valuable.

    ♦ Our Peggy FL LED breaks from tradition too, its lighting encased in tall and slender, almost exotic and sensuous shells - in translucent white. The outdoor floor lights stand an impressive six feet tall, creating a perfect statement for the night garden or casting a soft beam on any area longing to be admired; offered as energy saving LED lighting, requiring less power than conventional bulbs.

    ♦ Brand: Linea Light
  • ♦ PEGGY FL LED Floor Lamps

    ♦ Materials: linear polyethylene - translucent white

    ♦ Light source included

    Ø400 H Max 2000mm - topLED 7W 600mA 220-240V 3000K 381lm

    ♦ IP rating: IP65

    ♦ FREE UK delivery
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