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OXYGEN FL1 Code: 8103
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  • ♦ OXYGEN FL1 LED Floor Lamp

    ♦ Sun and water are the fundamental building blocks of life, the essential ingredients in the creation of oxygen in the natural world. Together, they help create the air that we breathe and the environment that we need to live, grow and thrive. Their inspiration can be found in the breathtaking chemistry of the Oxygen lighting range. This stunningly simple, contemporary range creates the perfect space for you to take the time to breathe and relax.

    ♦ Choose your colour of shade from the vibrant yellow of the sun on a warm summer day, the azure blue of the clearest ocean, the brilliant white of a breaking wave or the seductive black of the night sky. The Oxygen range is versatile and includes two styles of free-standing floor light, wall light, ceiling light and a pendant. So, bring the energy and beauty of the elements into your home to create the perfect environment for 
    ♦ Brand: MA&DE
    ♦ FREE UK delivery
  • ♦ OXYGEN FL1 LED Floor Lamp

    ♦ Light source: topLED 36W 220/240V 3000K 4042Im (included)
    ♦ Materials: coated iron, PU leather, PMMA diffuser - laser engravings
    ♦ Dimensions: 2330x1946x590mm
    ♦ IP rating: IP40
    ♦ Double light emission
    ♦ Dimmable: PUSH-DIM
    ♦ Made In Italy: plug type E
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