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The Great Italian Lighting For Your Home & Garden
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The Great Italian Lighting - Brands

Linea Light logo Modelight

Linea Light's decorative products made in Italy combine world–renowned Italian designs with the technological know–how needed to create next generation lighting solutions. Built from a background of innovation and creativity, Linea Light are already looking ahead to the rest of the new millennium, with energy-saving lighting and ecologically sustainable designs. These are truly artisan creations, as innovative aesthetically as their inner workings are technologically, with a product catalogue that spans the full range of private and public applications and interior design styles. High-quality materials and finishes only serve to enhance the designs further, with no compromise on the overall standard of each luminaire, but a finished product fuelled by Italian passion.
Ma&De logo Modelight

MA[&]DE is an Italian lighting brand based around unique design solutions, combining aesthetics with electronics, and incorporating high-performance and eco–friendly LED lighting technology into uniquely stylistic lighting fixtures that allow individuals and designers to express their individuality and personality. These are not light fittings that act in isolation, but have been designed with thought given to the space around them too, casting their illumination across architectural interiors to show them at their best, a synergy of style and the eternal battle between light and shade. MA[&]DE is born of intersections, at the crossroads of light and shadow, style and function, technology and design.

i-LeD logo Modelight

i-LeD an Italian lighting brand for the new millennium, with a plan to build on the first budding steps of LED lighting technology. This gave the brand a head start over the rest in LED lighting design, which has since become the first choice for versatility, energy efficiency and durability. i-LED continue to work with lighting designers, interior designers, landscapers, architects, project managers to identify new areas of demand in lighting design, keeping their MAESTRO 2.0 architectural solutions at the forefront of the LED lighting market. With a focus on quality and excellence, i-LED is committed to delivering the very best.