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The Great Italian Lighting For Your Home & Garden
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OH! UW LED Code: 15158
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  • ♦ OH! UW LED Pool Light

    ♦ Oh! the beauty of a single sphere, such as a bright harvest moon, or a collection of orbs that mysteriously appear on photographs, the allure of the hovering, setting sun, or the magnificence of mother nature at her all round best.

    ♦ OH! UW LED light is our diverse range of pool lights here on planet Earth; purity and perfection, high quality spheres to dazzle and enchant in the pool, indoors and outdoors. Whether solo or in clusters arrange these amazing Italian spheres any way you wish; they come with a remote colour changing for even greater magnificence and grandeur.

    ♦ As Seen On MTV's Geordie Shore >>> Explore
  • ♦ OH! UW LED Pool Light

    ♦ Ø280mm - 1 x powerLEDs 0,5W RGB + remote (included)
    ♦ Autonomy: 12h white light, 14,5h RGB light
    ♦ Charging time 6h, batery life + 500 charge / discharge cycles
    ♦ Materials: linear polyethylene - translucent white
    ♦ IP rating: IP68
    ♦ Brand: Linea Light
    ♦ FREE UK delivery