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ENTOURAGE LED Ø500 Code: ,7678
In stock
£ 695.00
  • ♦ ENTOURAGE LED Ø500 Pendant Lighting

    ♦ Stylish and efficient, energy saving LED pendant lighting from our Entourage selection, is offered in three different sizes, each in different amazing finishes, corten, concrete and plaster, suspended from the ceiling.

    ♦ Entourage LED Ø500 Italian pendant lighting features a stylish cupola-shaped model with the hollow half of the dome shining down a soft diffused light. Integrated with Warm Tune for you to experience the beauty of dimmable LED lighting (dimmers available). Entourage LED Ø500 is suitable for every private residence, although there’s no reason not to have one (or more) to bring grandeur and elegance to your shop, home or office.

    ♦ Brand: MA&DE
  • ♦ ENTOURAGE LED Ø500 Pendant Lighting

    ♦ Materials: polyethylene; acrylic glass diffuser (satin finish); corten, concrete, plaster (see pictures)

    ♦ Light source: array LED 16W 220-240V Warm Tune 845lm

    ♦ Light source included

    ♦ IP rating: IP40

    ♦ FREE UK delivery
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