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BOX LED Code: 7388
In stock
£ 131.00
  • ♦ BOX LED Wall Lights

    ♦ Boxes come in all shapes and sizes; they are so common place we mostly take them for granted. Hardly a thought these days goes into how and why they were invented and by whom. But where would we be without them? They are indispensable to our daily lives, from holding all things cereal, (remember the original Kellogg’s boxes with animal faces to cut out?) to personal mementoes and office things, to those packing crates we use when moving home. Countless children have had fun making puppet theatres, fashioning cardboard boxes into all sorts of imaginary friends. We invite you to salute the not so humble box.

    ♦ Boxes need to be durable and strong, the expression of power and fortitude. Our BOX LED wall lights are exactly that; strong in character, thanks to their rectangular shapes and varius sizes. BOX LED wall lamp consists of models of metal frame in white or dark grey finish. With energy saving and long-lasting LEDs the discreet diffusers are of satin polymethyl methacrylate and send out a warm and soft light.

    ♦ Brand: Linea Light
  • ♦ BOX LED Wall Lights

    ♦ Materials: white or dark grey coated metal; polymethyl methacrylate diffuser - satin finish

    ♦ Light source:
    ♦ 14x9x4cm - 8 W LED 240V 24V Warm 3000K 690lm
    ♦ 32x9x4cm - 15 W LED 240V 350mA Warm 3000K 1890lm
    ♦ 62x9x4cm - 28 W LED 240V 700mA Warm 3000K 3780lm
    ♦ 92x9x4cm - 42 W LED 240V 1050mA Warm 3000K 5412lm

    ♦ Bulbs included

    ♦ FREE UK delivery
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